Best Emergency Food Company

Best Emergency Food Company: Our Top 10 Tried & Compared

I don’t just write about survival food—I actively test and compare different brands to provide accurate information on their taste and nutrition. My family lived on survival food for practically two weeks. (Let’s take a minute to be thankful for their sacrifice in the name of research!)

How to Store Food Long Term

How to Store Food Long Term: Food Charts and Our Strategy

Luckily, storing food doesn’t have to be hard! I’ll go over exactly the foods I store and how I store them. I’ve included food storage charts to help you see the proper storage options for each food item at a glance – no need to dig through the whole article.

Is Military Surplus Worth It?

Is Military Surplus Worth It For Preppers? Tips to Save $

‘ve bought tons of military surplus items over the years. Some have been great! But some haven’t. I’ve found that how the surplus was inspected and treated matters a lot. That said, many people do show hesitation towards military surplus.

How to Prepare for a Food Shortage

How to Prepare for a Food Shortage: Building Food Resilience

While our current supermarkets boast overflowing shelves, the reality is our food supply chains are a complex dance. Disruptions at any point in this intricate choreography – from extreme weather events impacting harvests to geopolitical instability hindering transportation – could lead to food shortages.

Augason Farms Emergency Food Review

Augason Farms Emergency Food Review – Tested and Tasted

In this Augason Farms emergency food review, we’ll describe our experience with their meals and other survival food items. We’ve tried freeze-dried meals from dozens of brands and have found them to be hit or miss. In our opinion, it is very important to get an idea of what it tastes like before purchasing it.