“The person who has anticipated the coming of troubles takes away their power when they arrive.”

Seneca, Consolation to Marcia

Survival Stoic aims to help you survive anything life throws at you – physically and mentally.

Hi! My name is Jason Hitchcock, and I founded Survival Stoic after being disappointed by the preparedness and survival information available online.

In 2020, my neighborhood was destroyed by an EF4 tornado. 25 people were killed, 309 were injured, and dozens of homes were lost. I was astonished by how unprepared most of my neighbors were for such an event. The area had no utility service for days, leaving us with no power or drinkable water.

Plus, while the tornado was devastating, plenty of more serious natural (and unnatural) disasters could have occurred. If a tornado was enough to bring my small town to its knees, what would happen in a bigger crisis?

After the cleanup, I set out to become more prepared for whatever life threw at me next. But, I was disappointed by the available preparedness and survival information online. While there were plenty of checklists, very few websites had practical information or dealt with the mental component of being prepared.

For anyone who has even been in a life-or-death situation, you’ll know that the mental side of survival is more than half the battle.

For this reason, I founded this website to help you with life’s challenges. On Survival Stoic, you’ll find practical guides, gear reviews, and tips on preparing mentally for disasters and life in general. We’ll discuss the practical side of survival and the emotional one.

I have an engineering degree, a problem-solving background, and have enjoyed being an outdoorsman for over 45 years. My team and I will bring you honest research to save time in making the best choices for yourself. Our content is peer reviewed and double-checked by our expert contributors.

I hope you enjoy the site. If you have any questions or would just like to say hello, contact me here. Our goal is to help you PREPARE for the worst, DEFEND yourself and your family, and SURVIVE anything that life may throw at you.

Jason Hitchcock Profile Pic
About Us - Survival Stoic

Jason HitchcockFounder of Survival Stoic

Tempus Fugit, Memento Mori


Headshot picture of Kristin Hitchcock


Editor & Writer

Kristin is a fulltime writer with an obsession for being prepared. She has spent the last 10 years working towards making her family self-sufficient, including homeschooling her children. When she isn’t writing, she’s shooting with her husband or homesteading. Contact Kristin here.

Picture of Blake Lankford


Contributor & Advisor

Blake has over 5 years of military experience and enjoys being in the woods. When he is not camping, bushcrafting, or at the range, he spends his time advising local not-for-profits on various topics, such as disaster preparedness. He has a strong belief that every person should be prepared and ready to protect their family – and he also hates the word “civilian.”

Our Team’s Experience

Blake has 10 years of experience in the military, practicing bushcraft, and shooting. Here he is teaching a survival class.

Blake Teaching a Survival Class
Blake Teaching a Survival Class

Jason has 40 years of experience in survival, bushcraft, hiking, and hunting. Here he is starting a fire from what was available in the woods.

Jason Starting a survival fire in the woods
Jason starting a fire with just dry material

Jason also has over 30 years of experience with shooting all types of firearms. Here he is at an International Defensive Pistol Association Match.

Jason shooting a concealed carry pistol at an IDPA match
Jason shooting a stage at an IDPA match

Kristin has always been interested in being outside and learning about nature. Her young daughter often complains on hikes because “Mommy stops to look at plants too much.”

Kristin hiking beside a lake
Kristin on a hike

Now What?

If all of this is interesting to you, go check out our articles. Our goal is to provide you with the best content based on research and experience; without sensationalism, political, or any other bias.

  • PREPARE – Preparing for Life’s Emergencies and Mindset
  • DEFEND – Protecting your Family
  • SURVIVE – Survival and the Art of Bushcraft

We hope you enjoy our site and all of the content that we have put so much time into sharing. If you have any suggestions on making this site better or if there is a topic you would like us to include in the future, feel free to send us an email!