“Being unexpected adds to the weight of the disaster, and being a surprise has never failed to increase a person’s pain. For that reason, nothing should ever be unexpected by us. Our minds should be sent out in advance to all things and we shouldn’t just consider the normal course of things, but what could actually happen.”

– Seneca

The hardest part of facing a survival situation is being in the correct mindset. All of a sudden something didn’t go as planned and your life may be in danger.

The biggest advantage you can have in a survival situation is not being surprised. You may not have expected it, but regardless here you are.

If you prepare and visualize what to do and what you need ahead of time, it completely changes your mindset and you have clarity. It exponentially increases your chance of surviving whatever it is your are facing.

This is why we believe that going through the preparation for a survival event is just as important as reading about it. By putting together your own survival gear and plan, you are visualizing it as well.

Start Here to Learn How to Survive

In order to better understand the priorities of survival, start with our guide detailing the Survival Rule of Three.

Putting together your own survival kit is the best way to prepare mentally for a survival situation. Our multilevel Survival Gear List guide will help you with only what you need without gimmicks or cheap pre-built kits.

While bushcraft and survival are a different experience, review our guide to Bushcraft Skills. You can learn a lot from primitive survival methods, and we threw in some modern ones too.

Find the essential survival tools and gear that you need in our Best Bushcraft Tools and Gear article.

To prepare, make sure you also check out our Bug out Bag and Get Home Bag articles.

After these essentials, check out the Bushcraft section for more guides and gear reviews for surviving in the wilderness.

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