“The one thing all fools have in common, is that they are always getting ready to begin. They are always putting things off, always saying, I will do it later.”

– Seneca

We all know in the back of our mind that we should prepare for life’s emergencies. Things like power outages, our car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, and natural disasters all come to mind.

But we tend to procrastinate and think things probably won’t happen to us.

The fact is these minor events happen all the time. We get spoiled by modern conveniences, and we can simply use our phone to get help. But what happens when help is not available or overwhelmed? What happens when it is a major event, and everyone is panicked at the same time?

Start Here to Learn How to Prepare

Knowing where to start when preparing for emergencies is overwhelming. There are often outrageous claims and many products aimed at people who fear the worst.

Our goal is to give you practical guides with no wild claims, fear mongering, or poor recommendations. We detail what your priorities should be, from an overall perspective. Instead of focusing on just food and water for example, we give you the entire picture. We believe mindset is a huge part of preparedness also, and include it as a key component.

The best time to start preparing for emergencies was weeks ago. The second-best time is now.

Use our guides to help you protect your family.

Start Here: How to Start Prepping – A Practical Prepper Guide

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