Heaven’s Harvest Emergency Food Review – Tested and Tasted

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After trying several of Heaven’s Harvest meals, I can wholeheartedly recommend Heaven’s Harvest emergency food for anyone looking to prepare for emergencies.

In this Heaven’s Harvest emergency food review, we will give you our experience after trying their meals. We have found that freeze dried meals can be hit or miss, so we wanted to try them and give you our thoughts on the taste.

Heaven's Harvest Emergency Food Review
Kristin showing the heavens harvest emergency food that she tried
The Heavens Harvest Emergency Food Kit that we tried

Heaven’s Harvest produces tons of different emergency food meals. These are divided into a few different kits, including a one-week kit, entree kit, and a survival combo kit.

What sets Heaven’s Harvest apart from other emergency food brands is the taste and ease of preparation. Another thing I love about Heaven’s Harvest is that all their products are made in the U.S.

I’ve tasted dozens of different emergency food brands, and I can say that Heaven’s Harvest is one of the tastiest. I also involved my kids in the taste testing, and they loved many of the meals (and that’s really saying something, as they don’t eat my homemade food half the time).

I strongly believe that all the food in the world won’t help you if your kids don’t like it! It certainly makes an emergency situation much easier.

I will give you our thoughts of the meals we tried individually below, and I’ll also review which kits we recommend.

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Heaven’s Harvest Emergency Food Review

Heaven’s Harvest offers many different kits that contain a range of meals. My family and I tried several meals out of the 72-serving entree kit, including cheesy potato soup and alfredo pasta.

Let’s start by discussing some of the meals before we dive into each kit.

Pasta Alfredo

Kristin showing the bowl of Heavens Harvest Pasta Alfredo that she made and tried
The Pasta Alfredo that we tried
  • Calories: 1560
  • Taste: 5/5
  • Kid’s Score: 5/5

The alfredo is by far one of the best emergency food meals I’ve ever tasted. The kids rated it very highly, too, with some even going back for seconds. We had no problem eating nearly the whole container, and everyone was happy with their dinner!

My daughter even asked if we had another pack (which, sadly, we didn’t).

The only thing we added was salt. I don’t believe that any of the meals are pre-seasoned with salt or pepper, so plan accordingly. We also cooked it for a bit longer than described to make the sauce thicken up.

Mac ‘n Cheese

Kristin showing the bowl of Heavens Harvest Mac and Cheese that she made and tried
The Mac ‘n Cheese that we tried
  • Calories: 1860
  • Taste: 5/5
  • Kid’s Score: 5/5

Mac ‘n cheese may sound like an easy meal to get right, but I have tried many emergency mac ‘n cheese meals that were very bad. Luckily, the mac ‘n cheese by Heaven’s Harvest does not fall into this category. It was much better than I thought it was going to be.

It tastes more like a thick, homemade mac ‘n cheese than something out of a box at the grocery store. It is one of the best mac ‘n cheese meals I’ve ever had.

All of the children enjoyed it immensely. It is one of the higher-calorie meals, and my family of four had tons of leftovers. It’s very thick and cheesy.

Cheesy Lasagna

Kristin showing the bowl of Heavens Harvest Cheesy Lasagna that she made and tried
The Cheesy Lasagna that we tried
  • Calories: 1380
  • Taste: 4/5
  • Kid’s Score: 5/5

The cheesy lasagna wasn’t my favorite meals, but it was still pretty good. It tastes more like SpaghettiOs than lasagna and isn’t particularly cheesy.

Of course, the kids loved it. However, they did say that they liked the Alfredo more, which doesn’t surprise me. This meal is lower in calories than the others and isn’t quite as filling. Still, one packet was plenty for my family.

Cheesy Potato Soup

Kristin showing the bowl of Heavens Harvest Cheesy Lasagna that she made and tried
The Cheesy Potato Soup that we tried
  • Calories: 1140
  • Taste: 2/5
  • Kid’s Score: 1/5

Out of all the meals we tried, the cheesy potato soup was the worst option. It’s pretty much cheesy water with some (pretty unappetizing, not gonna lie) small potato squares. The meal would have been much better without the small pieces of potato, which were unappetizingly chewy.

There wasn’t enough seasoning for our taste, and I added tons of salt and pepper. Sadly, it didn’t help the flavor much.

While this would absolutely be edible if you didn’t have anything else to eat, none of our taste testers would choose to eat it again. Most didn’t finish the bowl.

What Heaven’s Harvest Emergency Food Kit is Best?

Heaven’s Harvest has tons of emergency food kits. Some are based on how many hours it can sustain one person, and others are just bulk amounts of certain meal types.

I’d personally recommend starting with the 72 Serving entree kit, which includes 12 different entrees. That’s plenty of variety for the average family. Each entree includes around 1,500 calories, with the whole kit including 15,720 calories in total.

This kit could easily last my family 5 days or more, based on how much we ate during our taste testing. It’s a lot of food, and it is a easy first step to prepare for a food shortage.

Kristin showing the heavens harvest emergency food bucket
My Heavens Harvest Entree Bucket

Also note that this kit is not full of oatmeal and drink mixes. Many other companies include just a meal or two and then fill it up with cheaper items.

For a more comprehensive kit, I recommend the combo survival buckets. These are available in one, three, six, and twelve month kits, and are the best for long term storage and emergency preparedness. They include the entree kit we discussed above, plus a breakfast food kit and a protein booster kit. This gives you even more variety and meal options.

Good protein is one of the hardest types of food to find and store during an emergency. The protein booster kit comes with powdered eggs, freeze dried chicken, and freeze dried ground beef. The eggs are great just scrambled, and the meat can be added to any of the meals in the entree kit.

Of course, there are other kits available, too. They have a fruit and vegetable kit for example so you can add even more variety to your stockpile.

Below is a comparison of the kits we recommend.

KitTotal CaloriesNumber of Days (for one person)Our Advice
Entree Kit15,7308Low-cost way to start your emergency food pantry
1 Month Combo Kit48,48030Provides a variety of meals for a month of survival
One Week Kit10,1407Cheapest option
Protein Kit15,6608Add-on to increase protein
6-Pack Entree Kit94,38047Absolutely massive amount of food for long-term emergencies
6-Month Combo Kit290,880145One-and-done purchase for long-term emergencies

Is Heaven’s Harvest Emergency Food Easy to Make?

Preparing Heaven’s Harvest emergency food is extremely easy. It’s freeze-dried, so you only need to add water and boil it. I did find that I needed to cook it a bit longer than instructed to thicken up the sauce. However, this could also be accomplished by adding less water.

Kristin cooking one of the heavens harvest meals
Cooking these meals requires a pot and some type of heat source

This company does not season their food heavily, in my experience. I added salt to every meal I tasted. For best results, have some salt on hand.

In an emergency, you will need a way to boil water without electricity to make these meals. Luckily, there are many ways to do this, but it requires some planning. I recommend having at least two different ways in case your primary choice falls through. See our guide on the best emergency stoves for some options.

You will also need a pot to cook each one in. While nearly everyone has a pot at home, if you have to evacuate, make sure you have a pot as one of your bug out bag items if you plan to evacuate with one of these kits.

Each meal comes in one 6 serving bag. This is not ideal if you only have two people for example. However we found that a serving is pretty small, and two servings are more appropriate for adults.

The bags are resealable, but we found most had solid pieces of food along with powder. This makes it difficult to divide out exactly half. We got less of the powder/seasoning in the first batch than the second.

Overall the amount of servings in each pouch is great for us since we are a family of four (2 adults and 2 small children) and the number of servings in an entire package works out great.

Jason showing the top of the Heavens Harvest meal pouch
The pouches are resealable

How Long Does Heaven’s Harvest Emergency Food Last?

Heaven’s Harvest emergency food has a shelf life of 25 years when kept in its original packaging.

Jason opening the Heavens Harvest Food Bucket
The bucket is sealed and the meal pouches are heavy duty Mylar

All the food is packaged in UV and Radiation-Resistant Mylar bags and placed in plastic buckets.

Jason showing one of the Heavens Harvest meal pouches
The Mylar pouch that the meals come in

The buckets are watertight and stackable. They also have nice handles that make them convenient to move and take with me if I need to in an emergency situation.

Heaven’s Harvest freeze dried food is the lightest and most compact type of food you can store. It also lasts longer than any other type of food. This makes it ideal for long term storage.

Heaven’s Harvest Compared to Other Emergency Food Companies

There are many emergency food companies out there to choose from. We have reviewed them all in our Best Emergency Food Company Review (coming soon.) Below are some of our top choices and our comparison on taste and cost.

CompanyVarietyCost per CalorieTaste
Nutrient SurvivalSo-So0.015So-So
Mountain HouseGreat0.015Great
Valley Food StorageGreat0.011Good
Heaven’s HarvestGreat0.013Great
Augason FarmsGreat0.005Good

Also see our full Nutrient Survival Emergency Food Review and our Augason Farms Emergency Food Review to see what we thought of their food.

Our Best Emergency Food Kit guide has our favorite kits to stock in your pantry.

Is Heaven’s Harvest Worth the Cost?

I highly recommend Heaven’s Harvest for anyone looking for short-term or long-term emergency food.

Heaven’s Harvest is a mid-priced emergency food company. They aren’t quite as expensive as Mountain House but more expensive than Ready Wise. However, their food is extremely tasty – one of the tastiest options I’ve tried. I’d happily pay more for their meals just based on the taste.

I also love how the kits are packaged. The buckets and Mylar pouches are high quality. I don’t have to worry about flooding or moisture ruining the food. That’s a benefit that not many other food companies can claim.

Jason showing the Heavens Harvest meal bucket and pouches
I really like the bucket and pouches the meals come in

You could also use our survival food list to buy emergency food at the grocery store. While the costs of freeze dried food seems high, once you compare buying canned items and then what you need by looking at our survival recipes, you will find the freeze dried options are really not much more expensive. They are certainly easier to store and prepare plus have a longer shelf life. Not to mention, the Heaven’s Harvest meals taste great.

Heaven’s Harvest Emergency Food: Pros and Cons


High-quality ingredients

Long shelf life

Huge variety of meals

Watertight packaging

Easy to prepare

Made in the USA

Very tasty


No individual serving items


Cannot be made directly in the pouches

Heaven’s Harvest Discount Code

Heaven’s Harvest is offering a 10% discount code to our readers. Simply use the code “survivalstoic” at checkout!

Everyone should have at least three days’ worth of food, according to FEMA. Heaven’s Harvest is a great way to meet that standard. However, I would recommend building up to three months’ worth of food as you can.

Still, even if you can only purchase a day of emergency food, that is better than nothing. No one says you have to purchase your entire food stockpile at once.

Heaven’s Harvest works best for families, as their packs include several servings at a time. They’re easy to prepare with just boiling water, and their meals are some of the tastiest I’ve tried.

Of course, food isn’t the only thing you should be stocking up on. Prepping involves first-aid, clean water, power, and a whole host of other items. While food is important, don’t ignore these other key elements. See our complete Prepping Guide for a ton of info on how to be prepared.

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