Redi Roadie Emergency Kit Review – Field Test of All 3 Kits

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After a comprehensive review of everything Redi offers, we can confidently say that they have the best car emergency kits on the market.

The Redi emergency kits (or readiness kits) have all the first aid supplies that I need when I am out on the road. The basic Roadie kit has all of the basic supplies, while the plus and pro plus versions also include a trauma kit for severe bleeding injuries.

These kits are not only great for emergencies on the road but also for keeping at home. From an upset stomach and fever, to a severe bleeding injury, these kits have everything I need at home as well.

Redi Roadie Emergency Kit Review
The Roadie plus and the Roadie Pro Plus in the back of Jason's SUV
The Roadie Plus and Roadie Pro Plus

In this Redi Roadie Emergency Kit review, our team did a hands on review of all three kits with the help of several experts, including Jennifer, a nurse.

While some of these kits are on the more expensive side, they’re easily the best I’ve seen on the market. If you consider the cost of a trauma or IFAK kit and the cost of a basic first aid kit, these are easily worth the money.

Keep reading to find out what we found and if these kits are right for you.

Redi Roadie Emergency Kit Review

Redi Roadie Emergency Kit

The Redi Roadie Readiness kit isn’t for major emergencies. Instead, it is for those minor upsets that typically send you to the convenience store (or make you uncomfortable for a bit). The kit is broken into a few main sections: the everyday essentials bag, tools, first aid, and medication.

I love that everything is divided into easy sections. For instance, the everyday essentials bags are inside the larger bag. However, it is completely separate and comes out of the larger bag. I easily fit it into my glove box, providing me quick access.

The Redi Roadie beside Jason's SUV
The Redi Roadie Readiness Kit

The everyday essentials bag includes non-essential items that are still good to have, like sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and a stain remover pen. They are those things I forgot to pack when out on the road but don’t want to stop at the drug store.

My favorite part is the first aid section. While there aren’t any supplies for trauma, bandages, blister pads, gauze pads, and burn relief cream can treat practically any minor injury I encounter. There are far more effective first aid supplies in this kit than similarly priced kits on the market, and the Redi Roadie also includes tons of other supplies.

This kit also includes some very simple “tools,” like a digital thermometer, a pen flashlight, and a CPR shield. There are also tons of medications (though only single doses of each, usually). Glucose gel and electrolyte packets are also added for dehydration treatment. In the summer after a long hike these are very handy.

Kristin showing some of the items in the Redi Roadie
Some of the items I usually wish I had before I got the Redi Roadie Kit

I love that this kit opens like a book, allowing me to quickly access everything I need. Everything is also labeled, and the bag is completely custom. It’s made to include all the specific supplies in the kit.

I also like how this kit comes with three mounting options. Instead of just throwing it in the back of my car, it is up where I can easily get to it.

The Redi Roadie in Jason's SUV
I like the mounting options of the Redi Roadie

Recommended for:

The Redi Roadie Readiness kit is for anyone looking for a basic first aid and emergency preparedness kit for their car. This model is very affordable and is packed with essentials.


Treats minor injuries

Many everyday items included

Durable and Water Resistant

Items are clearly labeled

Online training included

Multiple car attachment options


Doesn’t include trauma supplies

Redi Roadie+ Emergency Kit Review

Redi Roadie+ Emergency Kit

I’ll be completely honest – the Redi Roadie+ is my favorite first aid kit of all time, especially for a car or home. The main pack opens like a book and contains several emergency supplies. Everything is in custom-made pockets and clearly labeled with orange embordered fabric.

Roadie Plus open in the back of Kristin's SUV
Everything is labeled and easy to find

It includes a N95 respirator, for instance. This is a life saver if you find yourself driving through smoke from a wild fire. There is also instant cold packs, a digital thermometer, and trauma shears. Everything is more aimed toward serious emergencies than the regular Roadie kit. However, there are still gauze roles and bandages for minor injuries.

Some burn treatment packets, sunscreen, bug repellent, and similar supplies are also included. Again, those things I forget sometimes that I wish I had with me.

The Redi Roadie Plus in Jason's SUV
There are multiple mounting options for the Roadie+ as well

There is also duct tape, paracord, matches, a flashlight, and a knife. These are all items I like to have in my emergency car kit or vehicle get home bag to be prepared so I can get home to my family.

My favorite part is the quick-release trauma pack. It is located on the outside of the pack and easily pulls off. In an emergency situation, I can quickly snatch the trauma kit off and run towards my patient. This is an ingenious idea and one of the best things about this kit.

Jason showing the quick release trauma pack
The trauma kit easily pulls right out of the case

The trauma kit includes absolutely everything I need to treat trauma. There is a tourniquet, QuikClot dressing, trauma shears, and an emergency blanket. I can easily treat one person with serious injuries with this kit.

The Redi Roadie Plus trauma kit in Jason's SUV
The trauma kit is organized and it is easy to see everything

Recommended for:

The Redi Roadie Plus Readiness Kit is for anyone looking for the best first aid kit for their vehicle. This one has everything that you may need in an emergency.


Treats minor and major injuries

Quick-release trauma pack

Training included

Compartmentalized and labeled

Multiple car attachment options


Twice the price of the regular Roadie

Redi Roadie Pro + Emergency Kit Review

Redi Roadie Pro + Emergency Kit

The Redi Roadie Pro + Emergency Kit contains basically all the same things as the Roadie + I discussed above. However, it does include an extra splint, some more gauze, and a few more bandages. It also comes in a durable waterproof case.

All of the emergency items are stored inside individual bags inside the case. This helps me find everything quickly. I especially like how on the lid of each bag there is a list of the items inside. This not only helps me find things quickly, but also allows me to take a inventory of what I have before I go on a trip. This way if I use something I don’t have to keep up with every item to reorder it.

The Roadie Pro Plus open in the back of Kristin's SUV
I like how each bag is organized and has an item list

The trauma kit is located separate inside the lid and doesn’t detach. I like that it is seperate so I can easily find what I need while treating a severe injury. However, since it doesn’t detach, I have to take the whole case with me if I need to treat a trauma injury.

Jason opening the Roadie Pro Plus in the back of a side by side in the woods
I like how the trauma items are separate in the lid

On one hand this is great if I have the case out in the weather. But, the case is kind of heavy to carry a long way or through obstacles. Depending on your situation, you will have to decide if the waterproof case is worth giving up the quick-release trauma kit of the Roadie+.

The Roadie Pro Plus in the back of Jason's side by side
This is a super durable case

In my opinion, I prefer the Roadie + instead of the Roadie Pro + for keeping inside of my SUV. I’d much rather have the lightweight, quick-deploy pack than the hefty waterproof case. If you have an RV, Jeep, boat, or any other situation where you need a durable case, this one is the best choice.

The Redi Roadie Pro Plus in the back of Jason's SUV
There is also a net included for keeping it inside my SUV

Recommended for:

The Redi Roadie Pro Plus Readiness Kit is for anyone looking for the best emergency kit in a durable and waterproof case for their truck, RV, Jeep, boat, or Overlanding Rig.


Organized and well-labeled

Bags have equipment list

100% waterproof and crush-proof

Lid compartment dedicated to trauma



Weights almost 15 pounds

Comparison of the Redi First Aid Kits

FeatureRoadieRoadie+Roadie Pro+
Treatment ScopeMinor InjuriesMinor and Major InjuriesMinor and Major Injuries
Everyday Essentials?YesNoNo
First Aid SuppliesBandages, gauze rolls, simple skin treatments, antiseptic suppliesGauze pads, bandages, trauma pads, pressure bandages, burn gel, skin treatments, dehydration suppliesEverything in the Roadie+ along with extra gauze and bandages
Tool ExamplesInstant cold pack, thermometer, eye wash, poncho, tweezersEverything in the Roadie plus finger splint, antiseptic spray, waterproof matches, and moreEverything in the Roadie+ plus a larger splint
Treats Trauma?NoYesYes
Attachment OptionsVelcro Mounting Pad, Velcro Strap, Buckle StrapSame as RoadieVelcro Cargo Net, Aluminum Mounting System (at an extra cost)
Weight8.2 pounds8.7 pounds14.4 pounds
Cost (Approximate)$135$350$425

Redi Free First Aid Training

I like that I can access Redi’s free training courses online at any time. There is a QR code on each Redi kit to provide you with quick access, too. They have two short courses taught by two different instructors. One goes over trauma care, such as how to use the tourniquet, while the other is over more routine care, like how to treat minor burns.

Both courses use the exact same items you’ll find in your kits. I think being able to watch someone actually use the items in each kit is extremely useful.

Each course is exceptionally short and shouldn’t be considered a full first-aid course. The pressure bandage video is only 3 minutes and 34 seconds. They’re nice to see how to use the exact tourniquet in the kit, but they won’t tell you when to use a tourniquet (or when not to).

Mountain Man Medical also has free training and is a more complete option, in my opinion. It covers taking vitals, how to decide what gear to use, and treatment options beyond quick first aid. However, they do use slightly different tools. When possible, I’d recommend taking both courses, using the Redi course to see your specific gear in use.

Of course, no online course is going to replace in-person training. Whenever possible, I recommend finding a Stop the Bleed course near you. The vast majority are free or very inexpensive.

Which Redi Roadie Kit Should You Get?

For the vast majority of people, I highly recommend the Roadie+ kit. It has everything you need to treat minor injuries and life-threatening trauma. All the gear is high-quality and almost exactly what we would pick if we were building our own kit.

The quick-release trauma pack sets a very high bar for other car kits. I’ve reviewed dozens of emergency kits, and this feature is one of the most innovative that I’ve seen.

If you need a durable and waterproof option, the Roadie Pro+ is also a great choice. However, If you don’t need the waterproof feature it is not worth the extra weight or cost. Plus, I like how the trauma items are separate and quick release in the Roadie +.

Now check out our other first aid kit guides like How to Choose the Best First Aid Kit and the Best IFAK Kits. There are many different options available, and I find I need more than one kit depending on my situation. Also be sure to follow out How to Start Prepping Guide to learn how to be prepared for any emergency.

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