1620 Workwear Review – Are They Worth The Price?

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In this review, we will discuss 1620 Workwear and their full line of clothing. They have set themselves apart from other brands by designing heavy-duty clothing, with the fabric and sewing all done in the USA.

Over the past few months, I have tried the double knee utility pants 2.0, full zip hoodie, and the heavyweight NYCO long-sleeve shirt.

1620 Workwear Review
Jason sitting on a side by side outside wearing the 1620 Workwear pants, T-shirt, and Hoodie
Jason working outside in 1620 Workwear’s gear

I wore them in the woods, working around my property, shooting at the range, and just casually for errands in town.

Keep reading to find out my experience and how they compare to other brands.

1620 Workwear Review

Who is 1620 Workwear?

1620 Workwear is an American clothing company focused on the American worker. All of their products are made in the USA.

They have taken a lot of time developing their fabric technology. Originally developed for the military, their Cordura Stretch NYCO Fabric makes their clothing stand out from other brands I normally see in stores. It is their proprietary fabric and not something you will find at Wal-Mart.

You have to see them to understand the quality. I never really thought about it before, but when I see other brands in the store, I just chuckle; it is not even comparable.

Double Knee Utility Pant 2.0

1620 Workwear Double Knee Utility Pant

When I first opened these pants, I thought, “Oh wow, these are built like a tank.”

The fabric feels super tough but is also flexible. Initially, it was kind of stiff, but over time, it has become more flexible and comfortable.

While the parts are called “double knee,” there is a double layer of fabric from just below the pocket to halfway down the ankle. I find this is typically where I wear pants out the quickest.

Jason wearing the 1620 workwear pants
My 1620 Workwear pants with the hoodie on the trailer

I sometimes wear chaps to keep briars from tearing up my pants when I hunt or when hiking in rough areas. I find that I don’t have to with these. Briars can’t penetrate and just slide right off. The water-repellant finish also keeps me dry in the morning dew.

I like how the pockets are arranged. Each front pocket is essentially a double pocket. And these aren’t the tiny watch pockets you find on jeans. I can fit my phone in the back section and keep other items away from it in the front section.

There are two utility pockets on each side of the pants, which fit my folding bushcraft saw nicely. There are also two loops just behind the hip, perfect for a hammer or bushcraft axe when I am out in the woods.

Jason wearing the 1620 workwear pants with a saw and an axe
I can carry my folding saw and a small axe

On the right, just in front of the utility pocket, is another zippered pocket. I find this is perfect for my wallet. It keeps it out of my other pockets, and the zipper keeps it secure.

Jason wearing the 1620 workwear pants showing the wallet pocket
The zipper pocket is perfect for my wallet

I like how these pants fit. I ordered the same size that I typically wear in jeans. They are loose enough to be comfortable to move around in but not super baggy. I would call them more of a relaxed fit.

Not only are these pants tough, but they also look great. Whenever I wear them to go work outside, my wife asks me, “Why are you wearing your good pants?”

Well, these are good pants—and they are expensive pants. After spending time with them, I am not worried about messing up my “good pants.” I feel like I can throw just about anything at these and not have to worry about them.

They will last longer than my cheaper “workpants” and, in the end, will probably save me money. (1620 has tested that they will last 10 times longer than cotton canvas work pants.)

These are perfect if you spend any time outside or working in general.


Tough Fabric

Pocket Arrangement

Water Repellent

Double Fabric in Front


Expensive Initially

Heavyweight NYCO Long Sleeve T-Shirt

1620 Workwear Heavyweight NYCO Long Sleeve T-Shirt

I wasn’t expecting much from this T-shirt. I mean, it is a T-shirt—big deal, right?

But, after spending some time with it, a few things stand out to me.

One is the fabric. I can tell that 1620 concentrates on the fabric design.

This shirt is warm without being heavy, if that makes sense. I was surprised by how warm it was.

Jason wearing the 1620 Workwear T Shirt
Jason wearing the Heavyweight T-Shirt

It is made from a blend of cordura and cotton but feels the same as 100% Cotton. With the blend, it dries faster than cotton. I did notice that when I sweat, it wicks away noticeably quicker than just regular shirts. It also has an antimicrobial finish. After working outside one Saturday, it didn’t smell like I wore it the next day.

The other thing I noticed is the way it fits. You know how some T-shirts are short, and you can’t keep them tucked in, or they have a “draft” when you reach for something? This shirt doesn’t have that issue. The length is perfect, either tucked in or untucked.

Jason wearing the 1620 workwear Tshirt
Jason wearing the Heavyweight T-shirt and Double Knee Pants

It works great as a base layer in colder weather or as a top layer when it is warmer. When working outside in about 45-degree weather, I really didn’t need much more than this shirt.

I wish the sleeve length was a little longer. I like to pull my sleeves up some, but even then, when reaching for something, they feel a little short. I would recommend going a size up from what you normally do if you think it would be an issue for you.


Warm and Soft Fabric

Moisture Wicking

Dries Quickly

Good Fit


Sleeve Length

Full Zip Work Hoodie

1620 Workwear Full Zip Work Hoodie

When I think of a hoodie, I think of basically just a sweatshirt with a hood.

That is not what this is at all. I would call it more of a coat or jacket than a hoodie.

The fabric is a heavyweight fleece, but it is different from the typical fleece I am used to. The outside of the hoodie feels like heavyweight cotton, while the inside is a soft fleece.

Jason wearing the 1620 Workwear Hoodie
The size of this Hoodie is perfect for me

They really got the design of the hood right. It is oversized and covers my entire head, even with a hat. It is a double layer of material, so it holds its shape well and is very warm. I like how the front of it is curved, and when I zip it up, it hugs my face just in front of my ears down around my chin. Do you know how other hoodies have that big gap below your chin? Not this one.

This hoodie stands out because it is reinforced with 1620 Workwear’s Cordura material on the front and the arms and elbows. This makes it stand up to carrying firewood or other rough materials in my arms. It also protects my arms as I walk through the woods or down on the ground working on something.

Jason carrying wood with the 1620 Workwear Hoodie
The reinforcements are in key places that I typically wear out

The pockets are also well thought out. I like that it has two inside pockets about six inches wide and eight inches deep. The top of the pockets have a Velcro closure, so I can stash my phone or a radio in them without worrying about losing them.

The front pocket also has an interior “Stash” pocket. I found it wasn’t as useful and had difficulty getting items in and out of it. My phone (iPhone 12) would fit, but just barely.

The overall fit is rather big, but that is what I like in cold-weather gear. If I rest my arms at my side, the length comes down to my fingertips. The sleeves are long and do not ride up when I reach for things.

Overall, this hoodie is great for cold weather. I combined it with the long-sleeved T-shirt, and it was very warm in the 20s.


Reinforced Front and Arms

Hood Design

Large Front Pockets


Front Stash Pocket is Small

Is 1620 Workwear Worth the Price?

When you check the prices of 1620 Workwear’s clothing, you will notice the price is higher than what you are probably used to. I certainly felt that way.

While I could tell their stuff was better than what I was used to, I took an afternoon to compare it to what I could find at my local stores. I checked out what Tractor Supply and what a few other places had.

It became apparent pretty quickly that it just doesn’t compare. I thought that Carhart would have something similar but cheaper, but they don’t. Everything they call “work pants” is basically just heavy jeans or cotton duck. I did find some double-front cotton duck pants for $50, but the pockets were not nearly as good, and the fabric felt really stiff.

If you are not very hard on clothing, 1620 Workwear’s stuff may not be worth it. But if you spend the time outside like I do, their clothing is very much worth it. I feel like it will last forever, just based on what I have put it through over the past few months.

Jason wearing 1620 workwear clothing while pitching a bushcraft tent
I reach for these anytime I am going to spend time outside

They have a lifetime warranty and also do repairs. Returns are also no questions asked for the first 30 days.

Whenever I think about going outside to get something done, I reach for them. I don’t even think about wearing anything else anymore.

I want to thank 1620 Workwear for allowing us to try their clothing. I am happy that I can finally wear my “good clothes” outside.

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