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Is concealed carry insurance important? What makes a good concealed carry insurance? What’s the best concealed carry insurance plan? We’ll answer these questions and more below.

It can be incredibly time-consuming to sift through all the various plans and companies out there. While most of them are upfront about what is included, they often neglect to mention what is excluded or any limitations and exceptions. It’s important to keep in mind that each plan and company is unique. They are not all the same.

Best Concealed Carry Insurance
Man testifying in Court
Do you really need help in this situation?

We spent more than 50 hours researching policies and conducting interviews with experts. I have personally been a member of all the plans that I suggest below. This review provides an honest evaluation, not just a list of what each plan includes.

I discussed what happens during a self-defense incident with Cris Cunningham, a retired homicide detective with 31 years of experience. Her unique insight helped me understand the important things to look for in concealed carry insurance coverage.

Keep reading to find out what you need to know about concealed carry insurance, not just a sales pitch.

Quick Comparison of Our Favorite CCW Insurance Companies

CCW Safe

CCW Safe

Great Coverage

Team of Experts


Price: $209/year

Right to Bear

Right to Bear

Basic Coverage

Low Price

Unlimited Legal Fees

Price: $149/year


Save 10% with code “survivalstoic”

Jump to Review



Training Content

Covers Civil Damages

Bail Bond Coverage

Price: $299/year

Why You Need Concealed Carry Insurance

Before we discuss each company we recommend, it is important to understand why you need concealed carry insurance.

Upon careful examination of the risks involved in carrying a concealed weapon and after consulting with experts like Cris, it has become evident that it is crucial for anyone who carries a concealed weapon to have CCW insurance. Keep in mind this is not limited to gun owners only, as the risks are present whenever one acts in self-defense.

Police officers are fallible and may make mistakes. In a situation where your account conflicts with someone else’s, your testimony may be challenged. It’s important to note that if you are arrested, you may have to bear the expenses, even if you are ultimately found not guilty.

Legal expenses are just part of the risk. The cost of a bail bond and loss of wages are also major financial losses.

I researched recent cases and found some typical amounts that you can expect to see in a self-defense case if your attacker loses their life.

  • Bail: Typically around $500,000, you are responsible for paying 10%, and you will never get this back, even if found innocent.
  • Legal Fees: Can vary, but expect around $200,000 on average.
  • Trial Preparation: $10,000 to $20,000.
  • Expert Witnesses and Investigators: $60,000 to $100,000.
  • Appeal Costs: If you are found guilty and appeal, the preparation costs can be $40,000-$50,000.

As you can see, the cost of proving your innocence can be over $400,000. In the Steven Maddox case (he was fully acquitted) the costs were over $350,000.

It just makes sense to have coverage if you carry a concealed weapon in public. Protecting ourselves and our family is the whole point of carrying a handgun. One of our concealed carry responsibilities is knowing the risks and protecting our family financially as well.

Best Concealed Carry Insurance

CCW Safe – Best Overall

CCW Safe Logo

CCW Safe is our top pick for the best concealed carry insurance.

What sets them apart is the price, coverage, and the experts they have on staff. They are also the only company that has successfully defended a self-defense case.

CCW Safe has multiple plans for CCW permit holders and non-permit holders. Based on all the benefits, I found that they are one of the cheaper plans. Their coverage of expert witnesses, investigators, bail bonds, and lost wages is the best we have found.

Their critical response team includes former homicide detectives who know what happens during a self-defense incident. Having their experience on your side is invaluable.

What’s Included

CCW Safe’s Defender plan is the lowest level plan for those with a CCW permit. Notable coverage includes:

  • Unlimited Criminal and Civil Defense Costs
  • Unlimited Expert Witness costs
  • Unlimited Investigation fees
  • All Criminal and Civil Trial Costs
  • Coverage in 47 states (NY, NJ, WA not included)
  • $1,000,000 in Bail Bond Coverage
  • Firearm Replacement
  • Up to $750 per day for lost wages
  • Licensed Professional Counseling Sessions (10 up to $1500)
  • Up to $15,000 for funeral expenses if you die in a self-defense incident.
  • Covers all weapons, including fists and dogs
CCW Safe Defender Plan Chart with all benefits
All the benefits that the defender plan includes

Plans and Optional Add-ons

CCW Safe offers seven different plans, and its website does a good job of comparing the differences. It has plans for law enforcement, military, and constitutional carry states. These choices give you many options depending on your situation.

CCW Safe also has optional add-ons for increasing coverage. I found I could increase my Bond Coverage up to $1.5M, add my spouse, and add $1M in civil liability coverage. Since people can sue for damages for about anything, the civil liability coverage is a nice add-on that I did not find at some other companies.

Member Website

The member website is easy to navigate. On my dashboard, I can easily access all of my information. I can see my plan subscription, change my payment method, and contact support. I also like that there is a button to add my membership card directly to my Apple wallet.

Jason's membership dashboard on the ccw safe website
My Membership Dashboard

Membership also includes access to four different courses on de-escalation, the aftermath of a shooting, firearms safety, and the actual cost of a lethal self-defense case. All of these are very applicable and have some great insight. These are real courses with multiple lessons and videos, not just a link to a short YouTube video.

They also have over 130 podcasts on the site that cover all aspects of self-defense, including case analysis by their legal team.

Other Items to Note

  • CCW Safe helps you select your attorney. You can choose your own, but they are vetted by the CCW Safe legal team. Their chief attorney defended George Zimmerman, so they have experience here.
  • CCW Safe provides coverage regardless of the relationship of those involved in the incident. Some plans have a “domestic” exception.
  • CCW Safe has a 24-hour incident hotline. However, the first person you will speak to is not an attorney. They will ask short questions and then pass the info to their critical response team. If appropriate, their legal team will contact you. It is important to note this since Client/Attorney privilege will not be in place on this first call, and the phone call can be subpoenaed in court and used against you.

After my research, I found that CCW Safe is the best Concealed Carry Insurance. The combination of coverage and experience makes it our top pick. I am a member myself.

Recommend for:

CCW Safe is for anyone who carries a concealed carry weapon. The financial risk is just too great not to have it.


Extensive Coverage


Expert Team

Covers Appeals


No Attorney/Client Privilege on the Hotline

Here is a testimonial from Stephen Maddox, a member that was involved in a self-defense incident and is a member. He was criminally charged and found innocent.

Right to Bear – Best Budget Plan

Right to Bear Logo

Save 10% off a yearly plan with our discount code “survivalstoic”

Right to Bear is a newer company owned by the same company that owns Palmetto State Armory (one of our favorite places to buy guns and ammunition).

Their no-nonsense coverage is the best budget concealed carry insurance we have found. There is only one plan with a few add-ons, so it is very easy and simple to sign up.

The base plan is basic but covers legal fees and expert witness coordination, two of the most expensive parts of a defense trial. You can choose some add-ons, such as multi-state and bail bond coverage.

One noteworthy aspect is that their hotline is answered by an attorney. This implies that you establish attorney-client privilege instantly and need not fret about your conversation being admissible in court. Additionally, this means that you receive legal advice without delay and don’t have to wait for a callback.

At less than $150 per year with our discount code “survivalstoic,” there is really no reason not to have coverage if you can’t afford CCW Safe.

What’s Included

Right to Bear’s Plan includes:

  • Unlimited Civil and Criminal Defense Legal Fees
  • Psychological support (40 one-hour sessions)
  • Expert Witness Coordination
  • Negligent Discharge property damage coverage (up to $50,000)
  • Gun Replacement
Right to Bear Plan Chart
Some of Right To Bear’s Plan Features

Plans and Optional Add-ons

It is easy to pick your plan with Right to Bear because there is only one. It also doesn’t matter if you have your CCW permit or not. Here are the available add-ons.

  • Additional Household member coverage
  • Multi-state Coverage
  • Bail Bond Coverage (up to 10% of $100,000)
  • Minor Household Children Coverage

Member Website

The member website is basic and easy to navigate. On the overview page, I can see how long my coverage is good for, which add-ons I have purchased, plus easy access to my ID card and a copy of the policy.

There are also over 25 educational videos on the site. Some are interesting, including one on how to use reflections to see behind me without turning around. It included some tips for increasing my situational awareness.

Jason's Right to Bear Membership Dashboard
My Membership Dashboard

Other Items to Note

  • One of the exclusions is “lawful weapon use” and “associate was in a location where possession of such firearm or other lawful weapon by the associate was legally permitted.” Keep this in mind.
  • The included expert witness coverage applies only to experts contracted by Right to Bear. It does not cover any other expert witnesses.
  • Another exclusion is “Any incident involving a firearm or other lawful weapon against current or former family members, household members, domestic partnerships, romantic relationships, or similar relationships of any Associate, unless in a posture of legal self-defense as the victim of the incident.”
  • Expenses not covered include investigators, 3rd-party expert witnesses, court costs, appeals, records, or transcripts.
  • You can choose your lawyer, but they must be from a pool of contracted lawyers picked by Right to Bear.

After my research, I found that Right to Bear is the best budget concealed carry insurance plan. They offer a limited amount of coverage that will cover basic defense.

Recommend for:

Right to Bear is for anyone who carries a concealed carry weapon and wants bare-bones coverage. This plan is very affordable and is better than not having any coverage at all.


Unlimited Legal Coverage

Attorney Manned Hotline


Optional Add-ons


Minimal Coverage

Here is a great video that explains some of the benefits of Right to Bear.

USCCA – Best Training Resources


USCCA (U.S. Concealed Carry Association) has the best training resources of any concealed carry insurance company we have found. They are very focused on training, and it shows.

They have three levels of membership, each including different levels of training. However, all the plans include the same amount of “self-defense liability coverage.”

Delta Defense is the insurance company owned by USCCA that provides self-defense coverage to members.

Although their coverage is more expensive overall than the other plans, their training content is top-notch. Instead of just videos with someone talking, they have full-on reenactments.

I especially liked the home defense training. They had a full home with actors; the instructor went through various scenarios while the actors carried them out. I learned much more than just listing to someone talk in front of a white board.

What’s Included

USCCA’s Plan includes:

  • Unlimited Civil and Criminal Defense Legal Fees
  • All expenses for the investigation
  • Up to $100,000 for the cost of bail bonds
  • Up to $750 per day for loss of earnings
  • Court Costs Covered
  • Up to $20,000 for “incidental expenses”
  • $2,000,000 coverage for civil damages
  • 24-hour critical response hotline
  • 50 state coverage

Plans and Optional Add-ons

USCCA has three plans to choose from. Each plan includes an increasing amount of training resources. The self-defense coverage is the same between the plans. For example, the base plan has over 34 courses, while the Elite plan has over 300.

There are no optional add-ons to any of the plans.

Chart showing USCCA's Plans
USCCA has three plans to choose from

Member Website

The member website works well. There is a lot of content, so navigating can be a challenge. On my membership page, I can get to everything I need, like my membership card and payment/subscription status.

Other Items to Note

The glaring issue that I found is that USCCA has a recoupment clause. As we discuss in our guide below, if you are found guilty, USCCA will essentially sue you for the full amount of money that they spent on your behalf.

This is a deal breaker for me, and I canceled my membership a few months ago after being a member for many years. However, their training is top-notch and worth the price for a beginner. I recommend you purchase one of the other plans above and only use USCCA for the training benefits.

Jason's USCCA Membership Card
I have been a member since 2017

Recommend for:

USCCA is for a beginner who needs online training at a good price. There is a ton of training content to review that is done very well. The self-defense coverage is a nice addition.


Great Training Content

Civil Damages Coverage

Bail Bond Coverage


Recoupment Clause

Tips for choosing CCW Insurance

Years ago, when I looked at concealed carry insurance, they all sounded good. For a small monthly payment, they will cover any legal expense if I am forced to use my handgun in self-defense.

Looking at each company’s website, it sounds like they are nearly identical. Of course, there are different packages and coverages, but they must not differ much.

But, as I have researched it more and more, they are very different.

I also spoke to Cris Cunningham at CCW Safe. She is a retired homicide detective with 31 years of experience with the OKC PD and is now CCW Safe’s critical response team coordinator. She helped me understand all the nuances of what happens when an arrest is made and the important factors to consider when choosing CCW insurance.

Here are some tips when looking for a program that will fit your needs.

  • Is it Insurance or not?
  • Understand what you are getting – review the policy.
  • Look for Criminal and Civil Coverage.
  • Check for “exclusions”.
  • Is bail bond expense coverage included?
  • Is expert witness coverage included?
  • Is there a Recoupment Clause?
  • Are weapons other than firearms covered?
  • Are “reasonable situations” covered?
  • Can you choose your lawyer?
  • Look for other benefits like training.

Is it Insurance or Not?

The first important thing to understand is that most CCW insurance is not insurance at all.

Technically, these plans are “associations” or “Legal Services Subscription Plans.” When certain requirements are met, the member of the association will receive benefits.

However, some of these plans are backed by an insurance policy that the association has purchased. For example, CCW Safe has an insurance policy to cover the civil liability portion of some of its plans.

Insurance companies are legally held to certain standards and restrictions. For example, they can’t cover “illegal acts.” So, an insurance policy cannot be used if you are convicted of an illegal act.

Discussing all the technicalities of insurance is beyond what we can discuss here. Bottom line: The best plans are associations backed by a secondary insurance policy.

Understand What You Are Getting

This only makes sense. Do you ever buy anything without knowing what you are getting?

It is very easy to do with CCW insurance. However, it takes a lot of work to fully understand it. Policies are often written in difficult-to-understand legal language. They are also long, with many sub-sections that will put you to sleep.

I have reviewed a lot of contracts in my career, so I am used to some “light” reading.

If reading these is not your thing, I have done the work for you. However, at least get a copy of the policy for the program you choose so you can easily reference it in the future.

Civil and Criminal Coverage

Remember that if you are charged with a crime and found innocent, you can still be sued for financial damages separately. This is called a civil case and is outside and separate from any criminal trial.

Ensure your coverage includes civil coverage, as civil financial damages can be huge.

The jury in a self-defense trial
All eyes will be on you during a trial

Check for Exclusions

You need to review and focus on the policy’s exclusions section, which lists the items and/or events that are not covered.

For example, Right to Bear’s policy states that it does not cover a member who does not “legally own and possess” the handgun. This means that it could choose not to cover you if you are involved in an incident in a gun-free zone or if the gun is registered to someone else.

Bail Bond Coverage

Many do not understand how bail works after an arrest. If you are charged, a judge decides what to set your bail at. You can either pay the bail or choose to stay in jail. Considering that it can take a long time to prepare and schedule a trial, you could have to stay in jail for months, if not a year or two. So, posting bail is certainly desirable.

There are some differences from state to state, so it is impossible to discuss them all here. But I will use a hypothetical example.

If a judge sets bail at $100,000, and you do not have $100,000, you can go to a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman will typically charge about 10% of the bail to issue the bond. You will then pay $10,000 to get out of jail.

You will never get the $10,000 back, regardless if you show up in court and are found innocent.

When I spoke to Cris, she mentioned that she has seen bail amounts set as high as $1 Million. While these can be appealed, it does take time. Even if they are cut in half, bail bonds can be a huge financial burden on the family. This is before any legal expenses are even considered.

Make sure your plan has this coverage.

Man in Jail
The process of posting bail is often not understood

Expert Witness Coverage

Cris mentioned this is a big one many people don’t think of. In the case of Steven Maddox, whom CCW Safe covered, the local police did not do a very good job of properly collecting evidence. On the surface, it looked like Steven was guilty based on the evidence.

Luckily, his plan with CCW Safe included expert witness coverage. They spent over $100,000 on expert witnesses to prove that the evidence supported Steven’s innocence. As a result, Steven was found not guilty.

You may also need multiple expert witnesses, not just one. The best coverage will have an unlimited amount of money available.

The bottom line is that expert witnesses can make or break your case, and they are a separate cost from your lawyer fees.

Recoupment Clause

By law, an insurance company cannot cover illegal activity. If you are charged and found guilty, a recoupment clause allows the company to sue you to recover any money it spent on you.

Cris mentioned that sometimes, a deal with the prosecution to plead guilty to a lesser charge makes more financial sense than continuing the trial. If your plan has a recoupment clause, you will have to pay back everything if you agree to the plea deal.

Sometimes, mistakes are made in a trial, and an appeal is required. If your coverage has a recoupment clause, you could be on your own during an appeal.

For me, a recoupment clause is a deal breaker.

Are Weapons Other Than Firearms Covered?

Sometimes, a self-defense situation can occur with weapons other than your concealed carry handgun. Knives come to mind, but Cris mentioned that she has seen fists and dogs used in self-defense situations.

In these situations, even if you did not commit a crime, you could still be sued in civil court for damages if you hit someone or if your home defense dog attacked someone who seemed to be a threat.

Are “Reasonable Situations” Covered?

This can be sort of a grey area. An area to clue in on is the exceptions portion of the policy.

Cris explained that a “reasonable situation” would not be if you claim to be acting in self-defense while robbing someone at gunpoint. You are committing a crime.

For example, let’s say you carry your handgun concealed into a movie theater that is a “gun-free” zone, but there are no prominent signs to notify you that it is a gun-free zone. If you act in self-defense and face charges, it could be concluded that you did not legally possess your weapon. If your policy does not cover “reasonable situations,” your policy may not pay anything.

Can You Choose Your Lawyer?

Choosing a lawyer is tricky. You obviously want to use someone you like and trust who works for you, not the insurance company. On the other hand, you also need someone experienced in firearms and self-defense cases.

The local lawyer you know who writes wills is not the best choice.

Cris told me that while I should use a lawyer I trust, they should also be properly vetted. Make sure they have the proper experience and understand self-defense cases and laws. It is best to look elsewhere if they have never represented someone in a self-defense case.

Some companies will not let you have any say in the lawyer representing you. You must use one from their “pool” of lawyers. Avoid these.

Ideally, they will help you find the best lawyer with the right experience. This is huge for me since I do not know a good criminal defense lawyer or what to look for.

Look For Other Benefits Like Training

Many concealed carry insurance companies offer extras like training and local events. While training is valuable, you can also get it elsewhere (like in our best concealed carry training guide).

I generally watch some of the video training included with my memberships. Some are better than others, but it shouldn’t be one of the main reasons you picked a particular company. Check the boxes above first, then consider training a secondary benefit.

Which Concealed Carry Insurance is Right for You?

The best coverage we have found is CCW Safe. The combination of the coverage, cost, and experience makes it the best plan for most people.

If you are on a budget, something is better than nothing. Go with Right to Bear, and use our discount code “survivalstoic”. The yearly plan is the best value out of every plan we reviewed.

There are also many other plans, none of which we found were as good as these. Things like recoupment clauses and long lists of exclusions proved them to be non-starters for us.

Now that you have your concealed carry insurance, be sure to follow our full concealed carry guide. We have everything you need to know, including concealed carry mindset, concealed carry holsters, and training.

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