Best Range Bag – My 5 Favorites (Long Term Experience)

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After trying dozens of range bags, the Lynx Defense Concord is the best we have found.

I have been using various range bags for many years. Plus, I have talked with a lot of other shooters and reviewed the bags they use at matches and at the range. We discovered that although some shooters have their preferences, the majority have opted for the bags listed here.

Best Range Bag
Jason showing his 5 favorite range bags in the back of a side by side at the range
Some of my favorite bags at my range

I personally started with a cheap range bag, then went to a larger one, and then tried a few others before I found what works best.

After years of experience (and all the experience of our buddies at the ranges), I found that there are a few important tips for picking a range bag.

Keep reading to find my favorites and my tips as well.

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Quick Comparison of Our Favorite Range Bags

Lynx Defense Concord Range Bag

Lynx Defense Concord

1000D Cordura


Lifetime Warranty

MSRP: $319.99

Primary Arms Gear Range Bag

Primary Arms Gear Range Bag

600D Cordura

MOLLE on Front

Lifetime Warranty

MSRP: $44.99

Osage River Tactical Range Bag

Osage River Tactical Range Bag

600D Cordura

Two Pistol Pockets

1 Year Warranty

MSRP: $49.99


Best Range Bag

Lynx Defense Concord – Best Overall

Lynx Defense Concord Range Bag
  • Size: 20” x 12” x 10.5”
  • Material: 1000D Cordura
  • Exterior Pockets: Four
  • Interior Features: Customizable Inserts
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • MSRP: $319.00

The Lynx Defense Concord range bag is the best range bag I have ever used.

The material and interior layout options immediately stand out to me.

This bag is made from super tough 1000D Cordura. This is the real Cordura material and not an overseas copy. I didn’t realize there was much of a difference until I tried this bag.

Jason showing his Lynx Defense Concord Range Bag
My Lynx Defense Concord Range Bag

The material feels denser than the typical Nylon bag but at the same time it is more flexible and lighter weight. I have thrown this bag around in my side-by-side and on the ground and I can hardly tell it has been used.

I really like the interior layout options this bag has. Inside, there are large Velcro panels on each side of the bag. Included with the bag are two inserts that I can move around inside the bag. They also act as dividers and help to keep my gear from moving around.

Jason showing the pockets in his Lynx Defense Concord Range Bag
My range bag full of my gear

The inserts are very rigid and have a pistol holster on one side and an elastic strap on the other that holds four magazines. Lynx also has a few other options available for these inserts so that I can customize it further and add more if I wish.

I also like how this bag opens with the dual-zippered flap. This allows me to access all sides of the bag with it open. I typically leave it open at the range, and bags with one large flap tend to get in the way.

Jason showing the inside of his Lynx Defense Concord Range Bag
The inside of my range bag

There are four outside pockets where I like to keep all of my other range tools, ear pro, and shooting glasses. I am not a huge fan of the mesh pockets on the inside of the side pockets. But, they do help to keep things organized and are better than having nothing at all.

This bag is 100% made in North Carolina, USA. It is more expensive than other bags, but the quality, lifetime warranty, and customization set it apart. You will never have to buy another bag and can hand this one down to your kids.

Jason showing the side pocket in his Lynx Defense Range Bag
This is the side pocket where I keep my IFAK

If the price is out of your budget, consider the Lynx Defense Pistol Range Bag, which is similar but doesn’t have two side pockets.

Recommended for:

The Lynx Concord Range Bag is for anyone who frequents the range and wants a bag that will last forever. Since it is customizable, it can be adapted to many different sports if your interests change.


Durable Material


Plenty of Room

Made in the USA


Higher Price

Primary Arms Gear Range Bag – Best Budget Bag

Primary Arms Gear Range Bag
  • Size: 17” x 10” x 12.5”
  • Material: 600D Cordura
  • Exterior Pockets: Six
  • Interior Features: None
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • MSRP: $44.99

The Primary Arms Gear Range Bag is a good bag for a great price.

While this bag is cheap, it is not cheaply made. The material is 600D Cordura, and it just feels beefy. I have no worries about hurting this bag. I have tossed it around, and it has continued to hold up well.

Jason showing his primary arms range bag
My Primary Arms Range Bag

I like that it has four large exterior pockets and two smaller ones. I use the open-top side pocket for my shot timer, which is easy to access. It is also a good place for smaller paper targets, keeping them from getting bent like they do in my other bags.

The front exterior pocket has six pockets for magazines (each pocket will hold two magazines.) I like having a place to hold my magazines during a match so I can keep them organized. Just chucking them in my bag mixes loaded and empty mags, and I like to know how many I have loaded before going to the next stage.

Jason showing the main internal pocket if his primary arms range bag
The main pocket of my range bag

I like the overall size of the bag. It is big enough for everything I need without being too big. I find that bigger bags tend to be more of a nuisance to lug around.

Jason showing the front pocket of his Primary Arms range bag
The front pocket of my range bag

The front of the bag has Molle straps, and I find it a great place for my IFAK (see our best IFAK guide for my favorites). Not many other bags have this, and it allows me to carry more with a smaller bag, which is great.

Jason showing the side pocket of his Primary Arms range bag
The side pocket of my range bag

My only real negative is that the interior is plain with no internal pockets. There really isn’t a good place to put my handguns without them bumping into each other as I carry them. The front pocket works, although I can only fit one full-size handgun in it.

Recommended for:

The Primary Arms Gear Range bag is a no-nonsense range bag at a great price.


Great Price


Nice Size

Six Exterior Pockets


No Interior Organization

US Peacekeeper Medium Range Bag – Best Small Bag

US Peacekeeper Medium Range Bag
  • Size: 18” x 10” x 10”
  • Material: 600D Nylon
  • Exterior Pockets: Four
  • Interior Features: Two Interior Padded Pistol Pockets
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • MSRP: $67.49

I believe I won my US Peacekeeper bag at a match raffle six or seven years ago. I already had a Lynx bag, so I never really looked at it much. A few weeks later, I needed to haul a lot to the range, so I gave it a try. I was surprised by the interior pockets, the number of magazine pockets, and the size.

Jason showing his US Peacekeeper range bag with the pockets open
My range bag fully loaded

The interior of the bag has two padded zipper top pockets along the front and back sides. I can fit two full-size pistols in them or four smaller compact handguns. This design really doesn’t add much size to the bag and gives me a nice place to carry my pistols. Otherwise, there are no other interior organization features.

The front and rear exterior pockets both have six magazine pockets, for a total of twelve. I like to carry a bunch of magazines with me to a match, and this turned out to be a great way to carry extras. It works great for my match gun and my backup since each has a dedicated pocket for both the gun and the magazines.

Jason showing the front pocket of his US Peacekeeper range bag
The front pocket is the same as the rear pocket

I like how the two end pockets are just as big as my Lynx bag, but they are padded on the outside as well. I don’t have to worry about throwing this bag around and damaging my shot timer or ear pro.

This bag comes with what they call a “zippered gun rug insert.” It is really more like a larger pistol case, but I find it just takes up room, and I don’t use it. In fact, I had to dig it out of my gun room as I was writing this.

Jason showing the internal pockets in the US Peacekeeper range bag
Notice the internal padded pocket – there is one on each side

I don’t really care for the handles. They are nylon with a rounded rubber insert to make a loop. I would much rather have the typical flat nylon and padded handle. But it is not a huge deal, I guess.

I do like how this bag opens similar to the Lynx bags. The full top opens and I can access all of the pockets easily.

Recommended for:

The US Peacekeeper Medium Range Bag is for anyone who likes to carry a lot of magazines and keep them organized at the range. It really works well for carrying two different pistols.


Magazine Pockets

Dual Pistol Pockets

Padded Outside Pockets



Osage River Tactical Range Bag – Best Large Bag

Osage River Tactical Range Bag
  • Size: 18” x 13” x 10”
  • Material: 600D Ballistic Nylon
  • Exterior Pockets: Six
  • Interior Features: Two Moveable Dividers
  • Warranty: One Year
  • MSRP: $49.95

The Osage River Tactical Range Bag is one of the larger on my list, but that is not the reason I like it (more on the size below).

I really like the large front and rear exterior pockets on this bag. Both pockets have seven magazine pockets and a removable padded handgun pouch. I find that this is great for matches or training when I want to carry two different guns with extra mags and keep everything organized.

Jason showing his Osage River Range Bag
My Osage River Range Bag

The interior of the bag has two dividers, which are the full length of the bag. They are held in place by two Velcro strips on the top and bottom. I think this would have been much better in the other direction, like the Lynx bag. But I can see putting them close together to create a padded compartment for another handgun.

Jason showing his Osage River range bag with the pockets open
My Osage River range bag fully loaded

The dividers are not very rigid and have lost their shape over time. When I use this bag I find the dividers are not really useful and pull them out. They just take up a lot of room.

The side pockets are large, and I can cram a lot of stuff in them. So much that it gets hard to find things if I am not careful.

Jason showing the front pocket of his Osage River range bag
The front pocket with the magazine pockets and padded pistol pocket

Dimensionally, this bag is similar in size to the Lynx above, but it feels larger. That is the main reason why I typically do not carry it. When fully loaded, the front and rear pockets expand, and it makes it awkward to carry. I can fit a lot into this bag, though, and it typically becomes a secondary bag for extra stuff when I go on long trips.

Jason showing this side pocket of the Osage River range bag
The side pockets and larger than the other bags

The zippers are not the best on this bag. They are the cheaper, larger teeth zippers that tend to catch when I try to open and close them. I haven’t had any breaks yet, but I find they get aggravating sometimes.

Recommended for:

The Osage River Tactical Range Bag is for anyone who has a lower budget and needs to carry a lot of stuff. Considering the price, this one is not a bad choice.



Magazine Pockets

Removeable Pistol Pouches

Lots of Room



Large Size

Savior Equipment Double Pistol Bag – Best Pistol Bag

Savior Equipment Double Pistol Case
  • Size: 13” x 9” x 5.5”
  • Material: 600D Polyester
  • Exterior Pockets: One
  • Interior Features: Two Pistol Pockets
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • MSRP: $25.99

The Savior Double Pistol Bag is one of the best smaller-range bags we have found.

I use this bag when I want to take a few more pistols with me to the range but don’t want to carry a second bag.

The Interior of the Savior Equipment Double Pistol Bag
The interior of the Savior Bag

The inside of this bag has two padded pistol pockets large enough for full size pistols with 5” barrels. The center section between the pockets has six loops to hold spare magazines. I find that if I want to carry three pistols, I can just put one in the center section instead of having spare magazines.

I have also used the center area to carry a few boxes of ammo and smaller targets.

The outside pocket has a few internal pockets of different sizes where I can put smaller items like tools, cleaner, and a Sharpie.

I find that I can put my ear pro in this outside pocket if there is nothing in the smaller inside pockets. Shooting glasses will also fit, but I worry about breaking them unless I have them in a separate hard case.

The side pocket of the Savior Equipment Pistol Bag
The side pocket has plenty of room for ear-pro

A box or two of ammo will fit in this pocket as well, but I typically do not carry ammo in it unless it is a very quick trip to the range.

The material is the same 600D Nylon that most of the other bags are made from. It is super durable and will likely last forever.

This bag is a great addition to one of the bags above, and the price is great. It is difficult for me to use just this bag exclusively, though, since I can’t carry everything that I need in it.

Recommended for:

The Savior Double Pistol Bag is for anyone who carries more than two handguns to the range at a time but doesn’t want to carry two larger bags.



Padded Pockets

Large Side Pocket

Magazine Pockets


Just for Handguns

Limited Space

Tips for Choosing a Range Bag

When I first started going to the range, I carried one of those free duffel bags that you get when you join the NRA. I quickly learned that a cheap duffel bag wasn’t going to work.

It was great for a little bit since I could keep all of my range gear ready to go. But all my stuff was just jumbled up in the main compartment. I could literally hear that thing start to come apart when I had it loaded up with a few guns and 500 rounds of ammo. The center of it sagged terribly with the weight and the shoulder strap was literally a pain. It was ridiculous.

Since then, I have used all kinds of different range bags. I bought some that my buddies at the range used, I won a few matches, and some companies have given me a few to try.

Here are my tips on choosing a range bag that I have learned over the years.


First, what do you do when you go to the range? Train with your concealed carry handgun, shoot trap or skeet, maybe 3-gun matches?

This will mostly determine what you want to put in your range bag. This will in turn dictate the size you will need.

Next, what type of range do you go to, and how do you move around once you’re there?

Shooting at an indoor range is much different than shooting at an outdoor range with multiple bays.

Maybe you go to all sorts of ranges for different things (like me) and want an all-around workhorse that will do anything.

Keeping purpose in mind as you go through the following list will help you not spend a bunch of money on something that you don’t need.

Typical Items in My Range Bag

Here are some of the items that I typically carry in my range bag. I need to have enough room to haul all of this while at the same time keeping it organized so I know where things are. If you are new to shooting consider all of these things before you buy your range bag.

Jason showing all of the items he keeps in his range bag
Most of the items I keep in my range bag
  • Ammo – I sometimes use a small ammo can
  • At least two Handguns
  • Extra Magazines
  • Electronic Ear Protection
  • Ear Plugs (I double up my ear pro at indoor ranges)
  • Eye Protection
  • Shot Timer
  • Wet Wipes
  • Small Cleaning Kit
  • Small bottle of CLP
  • Sharpie
  • Staple Gun
  • Staples
  • Optic Zeroing Tool
  • Magazine Loader
  • Range Finder
  • Target Pasters
  • IFAK
  • Shooting Glasses
  • Towel
  • Hand Warmers


The size of your range bag is not as easy to choose as you might think. I initially thought that bigger was better. Why get a smaller one?

Well, once my range bag gets over a certain size it gets awkward to handle. It takes up more room in the truck and more room on the table at the range, and it won’t fit well in my range cart. Plus, it takes up more room at home to store it.

Not only that, but I am also more likely to cram more crap in it because I have the room. Then it becomes heavy and just more to lug around at the range.

So, don’t think the biggest one you can buy is the best. I recommend leaning towards something similar to the Lynx Concord or smaller. If you don’t plan to carry it much then the larger Osage River Bag is a good choice.


I learned from that old NRA duffel bag that organization is a must. Digging around a big pile of stuff is just a waste of time.

I like my range bag to at least have separate areas to store two handguns. This keeps other items from hitting my guns as I am moving.

I also like to store magazines in separate areas. This is great for matches since I can load up my mags and they are easy to get to.

Sensitive items like my shot timers and eye pro need their own location.

At the same time, I don’t need 100 pockets either.

I find that a large main compartment with smaller outside compartments works well.


My range bag can get pretty heavy, especially when I start loading it up with ammo. I don’t want to have to worry about breaking the strap. I should be the limitation on how much I want to carry, not the bag.

Sometimes, when I plan to shoot a lot, I will bring a separate ammo can for ammo, but for the most part, I would rather carry it all in one bag.

Plus, I throw it around quite a bit. Back of the truck, around the bays at the range, in the back of a side-by-side.

Look for bags that are made from heavy materials like Cordura. 1000D is what I prefer, but 600D works as well (1000D is heavier.)

Some bags made in low-cost countries will be made from cheaper materials but still claim to be heavy-duty. If a bag is cheap, there is probably a reason, and materials are the main way in which they save money.

Comfort – Duffel vs Backpack Range Bag

I prefer a duffel bag over a backpack. I find that duffel bags will hold more and take up less space overall. I can stack items up in my duffel-style bag, and they generally stay in place. It becomes more challenging in a backpack.

I have also found that with backpacks it is more of a hassle to get to my gear. Some will stand up on their own, but once I take something out, they get top-heavy.

I also do not carry my range bag long distances. I either use my range cart or my side-by-side to move it. If I had to walk a distance to the range or if I had to walk around the range without a cart or other means, I would consider a backpack. Carrying a heavy duffel style bag on my shoulder for very long is no fun.

In the end, I just have not found a backpack that I like, so I did not include one in this list. If you have one you like, let me know.

Get To the Range

Those are my picks and tips on how I chose my range bag. Training at the range should be efficient, and a proper range bag is a big part of that. I can just pull my guns out of my gun safe, grab some ammo, targets, and my range bag, and be headed out in just a few minutes.

Next, be sure to check out our full Concealed Carry Guide. It has everything you need to know including a guide to the Best Gun Cleaning Kit as well as the Best Concealed Carry Holsters. From the Best Red Dot Pistol Sights to a proper Concealed Carry Mindset, we have you covered!

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