“The founder of the universe, who assigned to us the laws of life, provided that we should live well, but not in luxury. Everything needed for our well-being is right before us, whereas what luxury requires is gathered by many miseries and anxieties. Let us use this gift of nature and count it among the greatest things.”

– Seneca

Nature provides us with everything we need. Bushcraft is a term used to explain a modern way of reconnecting with nature. As Seneca explained, luxury brings us anxiety. We tend to constantly worry about how to keep what luxuries we have and how to get more. Living in nature, even for a short period, helps us to experience stillness and escape the anxiety of our luxuries.

Bushcraft is not only surviving but thriving in nature. Some think of it as primitive camping. I think of it as living comfortably in the woods, away from any sort of commercial “campground”.

While bushcraft skills can certainly help in a survival situation, as I discussed in our What is Bushcraft guide, bushcraft and survival are not the same thing.

My favorite quote on bushcraft is from George W Sears “Nessmuk”. In his classic Woodcraft book, he says “We do not go to the green woods and crystal waters to rough it, we go to smooth it. We get it rough enough at home.”

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